Welcome to STAT 2023 Spring 2020!

Greetings Students!

Welcome to STAT 2023, Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics.

This website provides homework assignments, keys to exercises for examples, and past exams with keys.   The material can be very helpful to you to study, learn, and practice the concepts of statistics.  The first class period will cover how the aspects of the course fit together and will discuss a plan for success.

Let’s have a great semester!


Lesson 17, The Difference Between Two Population Means, Summary Notes

For Lesson 17 here are some summary notes, Lesson 17 Summary Notes.

Exam Three is Tuesday

The Exam Three is Tuesday, November 12, at 2pm, in 313 CLB.  The summary page that was shown in class during the exam review is here, Summary Page Inferences on Mean and Proportion.    Best on the TEST!

Z and t hypothesis tests and confidence intervals

The detailed class notes that we viewed in class are here:   Class Notes Z test and t test, with CI equations .

Exam Two is Thursday, October 10 at 2pm

The second exam in STAT 2023 is Thursday, October 10 at 2pm.

Here is an Exam Two Review

Study Up and Do Your Best!