Z and t hypothesis tests and confidence intervals

The detailed class notes that we viewed in class are here:   Class Notes Z test and t test, with CI equations .

When should the null hypothesis be rejected?

How do we know when to reject the null hypothesis and claim the alternative hypothesis is true?  Here are some FAQ‘s about the rejection decision that describe some ideas about Rejection Regions and also the P-value of hypothesis test. Rejection Region and P-value

Oil well problem. 3 cases of a Z test

The summary page developed in class for Lesson 14 is here.  OK oil well problem Z test.

Another oil well example with 3 cases and more detail is here,  Class Notes .  These cases have different numbers that the cases considered in class, but are the same problems.  The cases demonstrate the difference between strong evidence, no evidence, and moderate evidence against the null hypothesis and in favor of the alternative.

Inferential Statistics

Here we are all the way to Inferential Statistics, that is, using Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Test to estimate and verify the values of population parameters.  We have learned data description, some probability, and a few discrete and continuous distributions.   These skills provide the foundation to interpretation of data that results in conclusions, or inferring an idea or specific value, thus the name Inferential Statistics.

Nine new assignments have been posted and the keys to the in class exercises for several classes are also available.   Learn all you can and take away some solid analytic skills.



Two problems from Assignment 5

Here are two problems that you are assigned on Assignment 5.  Notice the lettering of the parts of the problems does not match your problems exactly.  Compare your work and take particular notice of the notation.   Contact with any questions.

20160908-two-problems-on-assignment 5