Difference Between Interval and Ratio Data

A interval variable is a measurement where the difference between two values is meaningful. The difference between a temperature of 100 degrees and 90 degrees is the same difference as between 90 degrees and 80 degrees. … However, temperature in Kelvin is a ratio variable, as 0.0 Kelvin really does mean ‘no heat’.

Welcome to STAT 2023 Spring 2017!

Greetings Students!

Welcome to STAT 2023, Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics.

This website provides in-class exercise keys, homework assignments, and past exams with keys.   The material can be very helpful to you to study, learn, and practice the concepts of statistics.  The first class period will cover how the aspects of the course fit together and will discuss a plan for success.

Let’s have a great semester!

Lesson 17, The Difference Between Two Population Means

For Lesson 17 here are some summary notes, Lesson 17 Summary Notes.

Summary Page for Exam Three review

Here is the summary page that we wrote at the first of class today with the basic equations for Inferences on the parameters known as the population mean and population proportion.  20160407 summary Lessons 13, 14, 15, 16 Inferences on Mean and Proportion

Excel Output for a t test

The Excel output that was viewed in class is here:  20161101-t-tests-excel-example