Lesson 17, The Difference Between Two Population Means

For Lesson 17 here are some summary notes, Lesson 17 Summary Notes.

Summary Page for Exam Three review

Here is the summary page that we wrote at the first of class today with the basic equations for Inferences on the parameters known as the population mean and population proportion.  20160407 summary Lessons 13, 14, 15, 16 Inferences on Mean and Proportion

Excel Output for a t test

The Excel output that was viewed in class is here:  20161101-t-tests-excel-example

Z and t hypothesis tests and confidence intervals

The detailed class notes that we viewed in class are here:   Class Notes Z test and t test, with CI equations .

When should the null hypothesis be rejected?

How do we know when to reject the null hypothesis and claim the alternative hypothesis is true?  Here are some FAQ‘s about the rejection decision that describe some ideas about Rejection Regions and also the P-value of hypothesis test. Rejection Region and P-value