Extra Credit Assignment

There is an Extra Credit Assignment available on the Assignments page that is due by 10pm on Monday, October 16.  It is worth 10 points on the homework total points.   For all students the maximum number of points on homework is 150.


Statistics On-line Calculator, stattrek.com

The statistics on-line calculators found at http://stattrek.com are helpful for probability calculations.   Notice the left side links on the main page. First, we will use the Binomial and Poisson calculators, and then later on in the semester we will use the normal and the t-curves.

Special Exam One Prep Session

There is an exam prep session in SLIC, 326 MSCS, on Monday, September 11, 4-6pm.   The exam from last semester will be discussed and worked.

Assigned Exam Seats

The first exam in STAT 2023 is Tuesday, September 12, at 10:30am in 125 SCPA.  The assigned seats for the exam are shown in this file, Assigned Seats Fall 2017 . The first page of the file is the diagram of 125 SCPA.    Notice there are letters to identify the rows and numbers for the seats.   Search the file for your CWID number and write your row letter and seat number on your page of notes that you bring to the test.

Welcome to STAT 2023 for Fall 2017

Students, Welcome to Statistics 2023, Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics!  Links for the syllabus and calendar are on the right side of this page.  Plan to do well in the course by attending class, studying everyday, and keeping up with the homework.  Action, diligence, and determination will pay off in a successful grade.  A place to study for the course and work with others on the material is SLIC, 326 MSCS.  It will open the second week of the semester and the schedule will include Noon-4pm on MTWRF.

Contact me at brenda.masters@okstate.edu with any question or concern.  The number to text me will be given in class.