Use 0.05 as significance, or begin to understand uncertainty?

Summary Page for Exam Three review

Here is the summary page with the basic equations for Inferences on the parameters known as the population mean and population proportion.  Summary Lessons 13, 14, 15, 16 Inferences on Mean and Proportion

Oil well problem. 3 cases of a Z test

The summary page developed in class for Lesson 14 is here.  OK oil well problem Z test.

Another oil well example with 3 cases and more detail is here,  Class Notes .  These cases have different numbers that the cases considered in class, but are the same problems.  The cases demonstrate the difference between strong evidence, no evidence, and moderate evidence against the null hypothesis and in favor of the alternative.

The Last Six Weeks – no time to waste

The remaining assignments have been posted.

The remaining homework assignments are now posted.   Notice there are THREE extra credit assignments due on Friday nights for the next three weeks.   The first and third of these assignments are worth 4 points each extra credit on exam two.   The second of these assignments is for TEN points on the assignments within the 120 points maximum.