Lesson 18 Class Notes

The notes we discussed in class the last day are here, 20190502 Simple Linear Regression Notes

Final Exam Reviews

There are three sessions for final exam review.

Wednesday, May 1, 4-5:50pm in AGH 201

Tuesday, May 7, 4-5:50pm in 301 CLB

Wednesday, May 8, 4-5:50pm in 301 CLB


Lesson 17, The Difference Between Two Population Means, Summary Notes

For Lesson 17 here are some summary notes, Lesson 17 Summary Notes.

Use 0.05 as significance, or begin to understand uncertainty?


Summary Page for Exam Three review

Here is the summary page with the basic equations for Inferences on the parameters known as the population mean and population proportion.  Summary Lessons 13, 14, 15, 16 Inferences on Mean and Proportion