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Scores from Exams

Exam Four in Word docs

Hello Students, Hope your finals week has gotten off to a great start!   Here are some old finals in Word docs in case you want to type your participation work into the document. 2023 exam4 F14 2023 exam4 S11 2023 exam4 F10 Hope you are all healthy!

Extra Credit for use w/n the 150 points on Homework.

There is an extra credit assignment on the Assignments page.  Successful completion of this assignment will result in 10 points added to your homework points.   The maximum possible on homework is 150 points.    The extra credit assignment is due by 10pm on Tuesday, May 5.

Lesson 17 The Differences between Two Population Means

Lesson 17 covers inferences on the difference between two means.   On the Classes page there are summary notes, three examples, and some videos to watch.

Review Week!

Greetings Students!   It is review week in STAT 2023.   See the Classes information posted for today’s date.  There are some past exams on the Classes page in Word format in case you want to type in the document that is due by 10pm this evening. Happy Tuesday!    Stay Healthy!    

Revised Syllabus and Calendar Posted

Greetings Students!   Please view the revised syllabus and calendar that are posted.   Also note in the Exercises page that THREE additional participation exercises have been posted.   You will not be tested for exam three and the final in the typical manner, but will submit completed past exams instead.