Fall 2010 exam one mean 67.5 curved to 70.5

The first exam in STAT 2023 was September 13, 2010.  The average or mean of the exam was initially 67.5.  A three point add on curve adjusted the mean to 70.5.  The median grade on the original scores was 70, which was adjusted to 73 with the curve.  The mode was 76 on the original scores so was adjusted to 79 by the 3 point curve.  The standard deviation of the exam scores was 18.8.  The add on curve does not change the standard deviation of the scores.  Since the mean<median<mode, the exam scores were left skewed on an axis that is labeled from 0 to 100 on the left to right scale.  The maximum grade was 97 on the original scores and with the curve was listed as 100.

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